Knapsack Power Sprayer

Knapsack Power Sprayer
Product Name : Knapsack Power Sprayer
Product Model : AJT-T68
Product Description

Product Name:Knapsack Power Sprayer 
Model: AJT-T68



    Product Character

    Pressire (max.): 35 kg / cm2 
    Pump: Horizontal gear-driving type 
    Plunger: 1 unit (two-way operation) 
    Cylinder: 2 units 
    Dia. of plunger: 18mm 
    Stroke: 9mm 
    Spraying volume: 8 liter/min 
    Pressure: 35-40 kg/cm2 
    Engine: AJT-26 
    Horsepower: 1.4 HP 
    Diesel tank capacity: 0.9 L 
    Air consumption: 25.6 c.c 
    Length of hose: 20m-100m 
    Mixing ratio of fuel: 25:1 
    Pesticide tank capacity: 25L 
    L x W x H: 41 x 37 x 63 (cm) 
    Weight: 9kg