Suction pumps

Suction pumps
Product Name : Suction pumps
Product Model : AJT-25
Product Description

Product Name: Suction pumps
Model: AJT-25



    Product Character

    Model No.:AJT-25 
    Connection Dia: 25 m/m( 1 inch) 
    Connection Thread: Out Pipe Thread 
    Delivery Volume: 130 Liter / min 
    Total Head: 35 m 
    Engine Type: 2cycle, single cylinder, Forced air cooled, Gasoline engine 
    Displacement: 26 c.c. 
    Horse Power: 1 Ps/ 7000 
    Carburetor: Diaphragm type 
    Ignition System: Electronic CDI 
    Spark Plug: NGK BM6A 
    Fuel: Mixed fuel of Gasoline and 2 cycle, Oil at 20-25:1 
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.6 Liter 
    Weight: 5.6 kgs